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Double Free Standing Frame

Locking Frames For Wheelie Bins Range

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The Double Free Standing Locking Frame is suitable for a 240L or a 360L wheelie bin. The provision of clear signage on this double locking frame helps to prevent contamination of recycling within waste streams.

Manufactured from Zintec steel, the double free standing locking frame undergoes a multi–stage degreasing and washing process giving it the superior durability, finish and protection required for continuous use in any environment. As standard, a stainless steel locking mechanism significantly improves the frame’s access. Further improving its permanence and purpose, a range of options enable customers to create a bespoke frame that supports the environmental and organisational objectives. 


  • Height : 1435mm

  • Width : 1450mm

  • Depth : 690mm (2ft Slab) / 990mm (3ft Slab)

Standard Features

  • Large area for provision of signage

  • Rim or handle locking

  • Stainless steel used in high wearing parts

  • Ground fixing holes

  • Stainless Steel Locking bar assembly

  • Slam Lock Mechanism

  • Adjustable ‘Lid Stop’ & Lock Bar compatible with different bin types

  • Freestanding or Concrete fixing available

  • Flat or angled Lid stop

  • Colour Choice

Optional Extras

  • Concrete Slabs

  • Stainless Steel option for improved longevity.