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The Causeway Bin is designed to accommodate up to 4 waste disposal units, encouraging the disposal of solid waste, recyclable materials and liquids, thus demonstrating greater environmental sustainability through broader waste disposal.

Manufactured from Zintec steel, the Causeway bin undergoes a multi–stage degreasing and washing process giving it the superior durability, finish and protection required for continuous use in any indoor space. 

As standard, stainless steel hinges and locking mechanisms significantly improve the bin’s access and servicing. Further improving its attractiveness and purpose, a range of options enable customers to create a bespoke bin that supports the environment and organisational objectives. 


  • Height 1000mm

  • Depth 310mm

  • 2 Units

  • Capacity 90 litres

  • 3 Units

  • Capacity 135 litres

  • 4 Units

  • Capacity 180 litres


  • Zintec Steel

  • 1mm Steel thickness

Standard Features

  • Minimum of 2 units

  • Full height & width door for

  • easy emptying

  • Lockable top opening door designed to remain open when required

  • Minimum 2 x hinged Mild Steel rectangular sack retention holder

  • 1.5 mm base

  • 4 x Fixing holes in base

  • Colour choice

  • Rounded front corners

  • Slanted top

  • Wrap signage and display plate

  • Funnel, tube and liquid drum if required

Optional Extras

  • Anti–fly posting paint

  • Anti–graffiti paint

  • Vinyl personalisation

  • Plastic feet

  • Available with up to 4 units