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Medical Sackholders Range

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The removable bodied Fire Retardant Sackholder available in 17 and 64 litre capacities, is perfect ofr busy or compact spaces respectively. The most popular of our fire retardant bin range, this bin can be taken apart for ease of cleaning. Containing a well at the bottom, there is no risk of liquid leakages spilling onto a floor. 

 Manufactured from Zintec steel, the Fire Retardant litter bin undergoes a multi–stage degreasing and ashing process, giving it superior durability and protection.



  • Height: 815mm

  • Width 450mm

  • Depth 365mm

  • Capacity 64 litres

Standard Features

  • 1mm Steel Thickness

  • Pedal Operated

  • Base Plate Support

  • Choice of coloured lids

Optional Extras

  • Vinyl Personalisation

  • Castor Kit

  • Silent Close

  • Hands Free Operation